Why We're Giving Back

This March, we became members of 1% for the Planet, a global collective of businesses and individuals who are committed to making our world a better place. In partnering with them, we donate 1% of our annual revenue to organisations that address the environmental issues our planet faces. Our commitment to them means that no matter how we perform as a business, profit or loss, we are always giving back. We catch up with our Founder, Georgia, to talk about why this move was so important to us.


As a brand, we’ve always wanted to give back. What made you want to join this particular initiative? 

“2020 was a big year of change for me with regards to my perspective on the world, as the virus exposed the fragility and instability of nature and global society. I essentially ‘woke up’ to the realities of the climate crisis and the part I had to play in implementing change, as an individual. In the past, I’d shown interest in the topic of sustainability, and Dora Larsen had begun to take some steps in producing more responsibly. But, to be completely honest, a part of me was still in denial with regards to the urgency of the issue, and the greater level of responsibility I needed to take as both an individual and as a fashion-brand owner. As a business that relies on the model of consumption, I don’t feel comfortable describing Dora Larsen as ‘sustainable’, at least in the short term. However, we’re taking time and resources to change how our business operates, in order to produce in a more responsible way. Initiatives like 1% for the Planet are paving the way for a totally different attitude towards the relationship between business and the environment, because they centre on the belief that businesses need to give back to the very planet it takes it’s precious resources from. Imagine a world where all businesses gave a portion of their annual turnover back to the conservation of the planet? It would be huge, and I believe, in addition to businesses operating more responsibly, it has to be the future.”


Dora Larsen | Sustainability


Has Dora Larsen been paired with organisations your donations will be going to?

"No, we decide who to donate to and as ever, we’ll communicate this to our customers online. By affiliating ourselves with these organisations, we in turn share the message, and therefore use our platform to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability, the environment and the climate crisis."

Are there certain not for profit organisations you know you will be donating to? 

"My husband and co-founder, Jake, feels very passionately about the topic of soil restoration and regeneration, and so, we're keen to give back to charities that support this initiative, such as Soil Association. The topic of soil quality in general is huge with regards to the potential for environmental change, however it seems to be one of the areas the general public know the least about, although global recognition on this topic is growing. This highlights to me the importance of raising awareness, too, as I believe that a collective shifting of environmental consciousness will ultimately have the biggest impact with regards to change. For me, personally, I’ve always been an animal rights advocate, so I’m passionate about collaborating with charities who support wilderness preservation, such as Rewilding Britain and Oceana."

Read more on our plans with 1% for the Planet here.

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