Alba Lace Padded Triangle Bralette
Coralee Clean Tulle Bralette
Anais Graphic Lace Bralette
Anneli Organic Cotton Bralette
Enid Lace Padded Triangle Bralette
Margo Clean Tulle Bralette
Raven Lace Padded Triangle Bralette
Vega Organic Cotton Bralette
Gaia Graphic Lace Bralette
Linda Clean Tulle Bralette
Sia Embroidery Bralette
Cameron Lace Padded Triangle Bralette
Effie Graphic Lace Bralette
Greta Graphic Lace Bralette
Luella Clean Tulle Bralette
Noelle Organic Cotton Bralette
Lumi Embroidery Bralette
Alma Graphic Lace Bralette
Ida Graphic Lace Bralette
Rosie Lace Padded Bralette
Mollie Organic Cotton Bralette
Gracie Clean Tulle Bralette
Heidi Lace Trim Bralette
Robyn Clean Tulle Bralette



A supportive bra with no underwire? Introducing Dora Larsen’s bralettes. Each bralette is comfortable, cool and keeps your boobs in place, all day. Responsibly crafted with sustainably sourced materials, our bralettes are available in a range of soft, premium fabrics and unique colour combinations to match your mood. From organic cotton soft bras and lace padded triangles, to sheer soft bras and silky microfibre bralettes, the Dora Larsen soft bra will be your new go to. Explore our bralettes here.