Our Story

Established in 2016 by Georgia Larsen, Dora Larsen combines aspirational and innovative colour combinations with contemporary lingerie shapes. Having started her career as a buyer in the lingerie and fashion industry, Georgia was immediately immersed into the world of underthings. Fast forward five years, and tired of wearing uncomfortable and uninspiring bras, she decided she wanted to create something of her own. The idea for Dora Larsen was born. Named after Georgia’s childhood dog, Dora Larsen offered something special that women could wear every day, that was elevated, and made them feel empowered to dress for themselves. Today she runs the brand alongside her husband, Jake, who left his job in the city two years ago, to venture into the world of lace and delicates.

Sustainable and ethical values are at the core of the brand, and something that Georgia and Jake are both personally passionate about. They strive to produce responsibly and use their platform to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability and the climate crisis. The independently owned brand creates two collections a year, spanning across lingerie and more recently, sleepwear. Each collection is designed in London and produced in limited quantities. The team works closely with each of their suppliers to ensure the highest standards of quality and ethics.

  “Colour can be soothing, amusing, rebellious or uplifting. The magic lies in how the colours are combined.” – Georgia Larsen

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