Garment Care

Each of our pieces are carefully crafted to ensure quality, durability, and are trialled in-house before taken to production. Caring for your lingerie in the right way means you can keep it looking its best for longer, and reduce your environmental impact at the same time.  


We recommend handwashing by soaking your pieces in tepid water with a small amount of natural detergent and then laying flat or hanging to dry naturally. However, if you do wish to use a washing machine, we suggest placing your delicates in a wash bag, such as GUPPYFRIEND, to avoid synthetic fibres entering the oceans. Fasten each of the bra hooks to prevent metal clasps snagging on fabrics, and place in your washing machine on the most gentle wash, ensuring you avoid any cycles with a spin. Once washed, pat dry to remove excess water and lay flat or hang to dry naturally instead of using high heated tumbled dryers that break down delicate fabrics and fibres in mesh, lace and elastics.


Turn each of the pieces inside out and ensure they are washed with similar colours on a 30 degree cool wash cycle. Organic cotton and linen soften further with washing so no need to add fabric conditioners to your machine load. Once washed, avoid tumble drying and leave to air dry flat, using a cool iron setting or steam on the reverse side to remove any wrinkling afterwards. The nature of the fabric will mean it does crease when folded, but this will easily come out with wear. Our Sleepwear Collection is not suitable for dry cleaning and should be kept away from bleach.

We hope these tips encourage the longevity of our collections in your wardrobe, and in turn help to support the environment by reducing waste, water and energy.

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