At Home With Rachael Clifton

We caught up with @bubblyaquarius about being creative at home and finding yourself...

Have you always been a content creator and where does your love of style and photography come from?

“I’ve always been creative and interested in fashion and styling, and photography goes hand in hand with that for me. I really love the satisfaction of creating an aesthetically pleasing image! I’ve always worked in fashion since graduating from MMU almost 10 years ago (god I’m getting old!) but went freelance to focus on content creation almost three years ago now.”

As some who is self-employed, how has a typical day in your life changed this year?

“Well I did already work from home, however I’m used to being out and about at events and meetings a lot so a typical day for me has definitely changed! I’m now at home most of the time and life feels at a much slower pace now I’m not running around all over the place, which I must say I’m embracing as I feel I have more time to focus and be present. I also really enjoy being at home and have more time to be creative and experiment with shooting which I love!”

Have you learnt anything new about yourself this year?

“That I love cycling! Haha, I got a bike a few months back and I absolutely love it. Cycling through the park with the wind in my hair fills me with joy! Oh and I have more patience than I ever thought I did.”

As women, do you think the relationship we have with ourselves is changing? If so, how?

“Yes I’d say so, as a collective I feel that we are more empowered than ever but also that we are more critical of ourselves than ever before too. I do think that with age you become more confident and self-accepting though so really our relationships with ourselves are constantly changing and evolving.”

We love how you’re so close to many like-minded women in your arena. What does friendship mean to you?

“I think it’s so important to surround yourself with like-minded people who support you, build you up and cheer you along the way. I’m very lucky to have a close group of gal pals that I’ve had since I was 16, but I’ve also met so many amazing women through my job and Instagram who I’m lucky enough to call friends. It’s such a wonderful community and so lovely to support each other."

What do you have coming up for the rest of this year?

“Well I did have a lovely week in Somerset planned however now we’re in a lockdown it will be lots of Netflix, cosy loungewear and wine!”

Rachael wears: Juno Underwire Bra in a 34C, Juno High Waist Knicker in a UK12, and the Ivy Underwired Body in a UK12.

Find Rachael here: @bubblyaquarius


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:At Home With Rachael Clifton

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