: At Home with Patricia Rodi
: At Home with Patricia Rodi
At Home with Patricia Rodi

At Home with Patricia Rodi

We speak to interior stylist and content creator, Patricia Rodi, on her passion for renovation and her tips for styling bold, statement colours. 

Tell us about you and the journey that got you to where you are today.

I've always been passionate about interiors, slow fashion, food and travel, but I guess the moment I knew I wanted to work in interiors started back in 2019 when we bought our first renovation project. We were thrown in the deep end due to covid and had to restore and renovate the house mostly by ourselves. Even though it was pretty stressful at times, I got hooked on the process – seeing an old property being brought back to life is just a fantastic feeling! My love for interior decoration which had been brewing for a long time finally boiled over and I just knew this was the path for me. Today I work as an interior stylist and content creator focusing on creating places rather than spaces, and colourful, layered interiors using old and new. 

Have you always been into interiors, and who or what inspires you in this field?

My family is scattered around different places and countries. I have family in Nice, San Remo, Prague, Gothenburg, and now Scotland. All the different homes, interiors and cultures that I've had the honour to be part of due to my multicultural background is where my love for interiors comes from, and especially my childhood memories; the French antiques and Italian tiles in my father’s restaurant. The feeling of comfort, of old wooden chairs and tables, there to be used, spilt on, eaten on, and lived in. The French, Swedish and Czech people I was observing, and those women whose lives I marvelled at. I like to create spaces that give some homage to those memories, incorporate some of the elements from my childhood and build a room with items that hold some importance. 



How would you describe your own sense of style?

I don’t think that my interior style fits into any single category. But if I had to try and narrow it down it would be eclectic maximalist, earthy and antique. 

How do you use colour in both interiors and within your own outfits? And what would be your advice to someone who wants to experiment more with colour but is hesitant about trying something new?

Gathering inspiration is the first, most crucial part of the process. I rely a lot on Pinterest when planning the decoration of a room (and outfits). Being brave with colour, however, need not mean using all equally. A single piece of furniture or a pair of lamps in contrasting colours can create a dramatic impact. The same can be applied to clothing. When choosing a statement accessory or item of furniture it pays to be bold and choose something in a tone that is a distinct contrast to the rest of the scheme – which should be tonal and restrained.



What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it most?

Dance parties! Just put on your favourite tune and just jump around for a minute or two! 

What is your favourite Dora Larsen piece?

I love the Mollie bodysuit! Honestly, a bodysuit is just the best item of clothing ever and everyone should have one at least in their wardrobe. You can use it as a top with a cardigan over or just as a beautiful piece of underwear. 


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At Home with Patricia Rodi