THE SOUL SESSIONS: Spirituality with Tamara Driessen
Spirituality with Tamara Driessen

Spirituality with Tamara Driessen

This week in The Soul Sessions series, we sit down with intuition guide and author Tamara Driessen. We talk about her spiritual journey, and how to practise healing using tarot and crystals…


Tell us about you, and what you do?

"I’m what you might call a modern mystic; I work with the Tarot, crystals and the Moon both personally and professionally. I teach people how to connect with their intuition and manifest their biggest dreams and desires.” 

How did you first get into Tarot card and crystal healing?

“I discovered the Tarot and crystal healing when I was a teenager in an article I’d read about them in a teen magazine. I’d collected a few crystals as a child but it wasn’t until a few years later that I discovered they had powers. When I started connecting with them more intentionally, I became aware of their benefits. I noticed a ‘fortune telling’ gift set that included a small Tarot deck on my mum’s bookshelf one day. It wasn’t actually something that she was interested in so I claimed it for myself; I was so intrigued that cards could answer your questions and give you insights.”

Have you changed as a person since you began your journey into spirituality?

“I didn’t fully commit to my spiritual path until I was 28 but when I reflect on before and after; in some ways I’ve changed a lot and in other ways, I’ve just become more me. I’ve learnt how to access and trust my intuition and work with manifestation; which I believe is what’s empowered me to live the lifestyle that I do now. I’m a lot more confident, kinder to myself and experience abundance in ways that I could never have imagined before.”

You work with others’ energies on a regular basis. How do you find this affects your own wellbeing and headspace?

“I love what I do and I get a real buzz from it; unless I’m doing too much. There’s a limit to how many sessions that I can do in a month which I’ve had to learn the hard way. It’s definitely taught me the importance of boundaries and making sure that I take time to recharge. I’m a big believer in practising what I preach and the work I do holds me accountable to that which I’m really grateful for.” 

What advice do you have for people who are completely new, or even sceptical, about the power of crystal healing and Tarot reading?

“First, choose which one out of the two you’re most drawn to. If it’s crystals, then I’d say choose a crystal based on what you’re drawn to, in terms of appearance and a sense of attraction. Then look it up in a book, like the one I wrote called, The Crystal Code, to read its meaning. It’s a really fun way to see how we’re attracted to what we need and the power of crystals! With the Tarot, I’d recommend coming to one of my online Tarot workshops or having a Tarot reading with me to see how to get to know how it works. The Tarot is a bit more complex compared to crystals and I think it helps to have someone demystify how to connect with the cards and interpret the meanings. I also share monthly Tarotscopes in my newsletter, they’re mini-readings for your star sign so you can get some quick-fix guidance.”

Can we practise this kind of healing at home?

“Yes! You could meditate with your crystals or tune into a guided crystal healing practice, I’ve included a few in The Crystal Code. And if you’d like to use Tarot cards, I recommend pulling a card for the week ahead and spending some time journaling about your impressions of the card and how it could apply to your life or situation and observing how the themes of the card show up in your interactions throughout the week. Also, if your card is advising you to do something and it resonates with you, do it. Healing happens when we take time for ourselves and honour what we need.”  

How can using or practising your techniques help us achieve our goals?

“Working with these practices can amplify your intuition so that firstly, you can tune into what you really need/want and then how to make it happen in a way that’s easiest and most authentic to you. My clients have manifested dream jobs, unexpected and exciting sums of money, relationships, homes, moves abroad; just to name a few things. Crystals and the Tarot can guide you to unlock your potential.”

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Tamara’s book. Luna: Harness the Power of the Moon to Live Your Best Life here.

Check out her website here.

Spirituality with Tamara Driessen