THE SOUL SESSIONS: Holistic living with Manon Steele
Holistic living with Manon Steele

Holistic living with Manon Steele

This week in The Soul Sessions, we catch up with model and mother, Manon Steele. We talk about pregnancy, holistic living, healing and hormones…

Have you always leaned towards a more holistic way of life? 
“Yes I think it’s been a theme from growing up in my household. My mum practiced as a nutritionist all through my childhood and my dad’s background in coaching and personal development definitely encouraged a positive mindset. My own passion and understanding definitely grew more in my late teens when navigating my own way through life and its myriad of challenges.” 
Which areas of natural health, healing or spirituality are you drawn to most, and why? 
“I think just the vastness of what there is to learn. It truly is an infinite journey of discovery - which both energises and mesmerises me. I feel as a species, we’ve become so concrete in our ideas and concepts. The human condition makes me laugh, leaves me wondering what truly is possible? I think learning to balance that deep spiritual exploration with the beautiful simplicity of being human is one of my life’s aims. Because, amongst all the depth and at times, perplexing overwhelm - sometimes just appreciating the juiciness of a good orange is what’s needed. I think an area that really lights me up is pursuing a life that challenges the status quo - finding out how to recreate what it means to live on this planet, redefining what community means and how to truly thrive.”

How has becoming a parent changed your life? Have you incorporated any holistic aspects of living into your pregnancy, birth or ways of parenting?
“In all the ways! I remember moments after giving birth, feeling this deep sense of my own rebirth. It’s still a visceral feeling when I look back, it wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced before. My first pregnancy was much slower, as I had more time for self-care. In my current life I’m juggling, but still prioritising the small things like home cooked food, movement, time spent with people who enrich me. As I reach closer to birth I’m slowing down as much as I can - making time for practices such as evening meditation/visualisation.”
Congratulations on your second pregnancy! Are there things you learned the first time round that you’ll be doing differently?
“Thank you. Absolutely. My aim is to really surrender to the fourth trimester more. The first time was such a whirlwind for us. Prepared meals is a must, deeper hibernation, just overall giving myself more grace and generally more nourishment on every level. Lean into it all.” 

You’ve talked online about hormonal health. What have you found to be the biggest help to rebalance?
“I suppose I’ll always come back to a 360 degree approach. Mind, body, soul. Stripping it all back to what food, movement and relationships will nourish you the most. Gut health, sleep and loving relationships, with yourself and everyone around you. Sitting back and observing your life, mind and habits, seeing how to minimise stress and making it a priority. I’ve learned our bodies want nothing more than to thrive - if we allow them to. What truly lights you up from the inside? It may not feel easy, but it will in turn, shift your physical body into balance over time. Also fun fact - 90% of serotonin is created in the gut, which just goes to show how connected everything is.” 
Who has inspired you in your own healing and spiritual journey so far?
“What a great question. I think in general, listening to other peoples’ stories has been my greatest inspiration. A good book or podcast are like medicine to me. It was reading books like “The way of the peaceful warrior” and “Celestine prophecy” in my late teens that sparked my own awakening. My go-to podcast at the moment is Almost 30 - I love being able to tap into conversations with inspirational people sharing their perspectives. People like Zach Bush, Africa Brooke, Aubrey Marcus, Rupi Kaur, Russell Brand. I was also just gifted Jennifer Freed’s book “A map to your soul” - so I’m looking forward to diving into that one.” 

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Holistic living with Manon Steele