THE SOUL SESSIONS: Modern Meditation with Biet Simkin
Modern Meditation with Biet Simkin

Modern Meditation with Biet Simkin

This week we're introducing our The Soul Sessions series. To kick it off, we catch up with meditation leader, author and teacher, Biet Simkin. We talk about her journey with meditation and how she has achieved her goals.


Tell us about you, and what you do? 

“I awaken and experience the cosmic and human state simultaneously. I live in a state of dance with these two states and I assist hundreds of thousands of people around the world to do the same by my love for these states and my love for you.”

How did you get into meditation initially, and how has it changed your life?

“I meditated my whole life but I was full of sh*t cause I didn't wanna do the work. Instead I drank vodka and meditated. I did heroin and meditated. I had sex with the wrong boys and broke hearts and meditated. It wasn't until I sacrificed all the "and's" and got sober 13 years ago that my meditation started working for me. Meditation alone doesn't work. You gotta let it lead you to what it wants for you. In my case my meditation  wanted me to be sober and wanted me to live the great big life I live today!”  

We hear talk about manifestation, but what does mean and how can we put it to use to achieve our goals?

“You gotta be grateful for what you actually have and then you gotta get clear on what you want. As you get clear you need to be grateful for all you have and all your going to have NOW! You can't say "I want more money", you gotta say "I am grateful for all this money". I used to say that sh*t when I had jack squat and now years later I am very resourced. I felt it then and I have it now. However I felt like I had it then. The feeling has to come first! The manifestation follows. Same with love, babies, career, hobbies, etc etc!” 

People underestimate the power of breathing. What can we do to incorporate this into our daily life, and what can we achieve with regular breathwork techniques?

“It's life changing! I now have a simple online course. The beauty of this course is that it's tiny 10 minute sessions you can pop in to any day! These practices I use daily.”

What advice would you give to someone who has just started their journey into exploring wellness, meditation and breathwork? 

“I would say, get ready to find out a lot about your ugliness and things that aren't working. Learn to celebrate and tolerate finding the ugly. People who find ugly and can bear it learn to transform it into gold. Most people who never meditate never see the ugly and thus they stay in that ugly forever!”

For those who may have struggled with the practice of meditation previously, what would you suggest they try for the future?

“My book "Don't Just Sit There!" Has a lot of super quick easy tips so I recommend scooping that. However as a quick tid bit here I would say. Just sit for 2 minutes a day and try... try and ask for help from within, say, "please help me". To your inner world. See what happens. Spirituality is just a bunch of very practical trial and error. You just gotta get in there and try stuff!”

Biet’s book. Don’t Just Sit There, can be found here.

Join her daily 10 minute sessions on breathing here.


Modern Meditation with Biet Simkin