RESPONSIBLE FASHION: Responsibility update this Earth Day
Responsibility update this Earth Day

Responsibility update this Earth Day

For us, Earth Day this isn’t a one-off calendar event. We're trying minimise our environmental impact as much as we can, in every way we can, every day. As members of 1% for the Planet, we’ve committed to giving 1% of our yearly revenue, profit or loss, to organisations around the world who are helping the environment thrive again.


This Earth Day we've chosen to work with DIRT, and are donating 100% of our profits from online sales this weekend to supporting the cause. Founded by model and activist, Arizona Muse, DIRT is a charity that works to regenerate soil through supporting the Biodynamic Farming movement. Read our interview with Arizona and her plans for DIRT. 

As well as giving back, we’re also continuing to make positive changes to the way we run our business. Here's an update on our recent seasonal changes.


One of our objectives is to educate, and make our progress, or even lack of, visible to customers. At present, 83% of the raw materials used within our collections contain fibres which are recycled or natural and organic. All of our laces are knitted using GRS-approved recycled yarns. The yarns are crafted from pre-consumer recycled nylon which is material discarded before it was ready for consumer use, deconstructed and put back into the manufacturing system. GRS-approved is a voluntary product standard for verifying and tracking the content of recycled materials in a product. This is a standard that applies to the entire supply chain, addressing traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content, as well as labelling. At least 50% of our elastics, 100% of the hardware and sewing threads in the collections are recycled, too.  We use third-party material certifications (GRS, GOTS, OCS, FSC) to make sure all recycled materials are verified by an independent body. Our mission for future seasons is to increase the content of responsible materials within each garment as much as we possibly can. 

Our suppliers

We work with a selection of independently audited suppliers to gain the best quality, and most responsibly produced materials we can. We also choose to work with fabric mills that are local to our factories, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint. The majority of our laces are produced by a supplier that uses solar power to provide full capacity electricity to the workshop, as well as water recycling units to monitor and limit water consumption throughout the dying process.

Focus on fit and garment care

We place a large focus on fit and quality, to design and create pieces with functionality, durability, and longevity. Our fitting processes are meticulous: we start working on patterns a year in advance of having the product made which means we’re never rushing or cutting corners. We also fit the designs on several different body shapes which helps us spot any issues in the grading. Making sure we nail the fit means you get the most wear out of your lingerie, as well as reducing returns.

For more information on our values, click here.
Responsibility update this Earth Day