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Sustainability: Our packaging

As we continue to explore ways to deliver more responsible fashion, this week, we're talking about our plans to improve our packaging.

Paper and cardboard

Using recycled paper generates between 20-50% fewer carbon emissions, uses up to 50% less water, and less chemical processes than paper produced from virgin fibres.

Each and every piece of packaging you currently receive from us is fully recyclable and is made from at least 75% recycled materials. This includes: the outer shipping box, branded gift box, tissue paper, Dora Larsen tags, branded stickers and flyers, and even the paper used for barcodes, invoices and outer address stickers.

We are currently working on an even lower waste, more responsibly manufactured solution for our packaging - starting by reducing the boxes we send from two, to one. We still want to provide you with that gift box experience, whilst safely delivering your lingerie, and at the same time, making the disposing of any unwanted packaging simple. Our new packaging will be vegan, biodegradable, and will use only natural glues and water-based, or soy inks. Best of all, it will be fully compostable, leaving no traces of toxins in the soil; coming from the earth and going back in. We hope that this will give us a cleaner, greener, more circular system.


In 1950, the world’s population of 2.5 billion produced 1.5 million tons of plastic. In 2016, we saw an exponential rise with a population of 7 billion people producing over 320 million tons of plastic. This is set to double by 2034. We are actively working to significantly reduce and replace our current use of plastic.

In 2019 we switched to receiving collections from our factory in compostable bags. This same bag is used to send our wholesale partners their pieces. We continue to reuse the bag as many times as possible, before it can be responsibly composted. We’re currently working on optimising these bags by reducing the size as much as possible to scale down on our total plastic consumption, and to make disposing of them easy at any level. We are always in close conversation with our retailers about our updates, and how these changes might affect their processes in turn.

We still have a long way to go, but are committed to minimising our impact on the planet by continually finding ways to improve our processes and materials. As part of our aim to raise awareness and contribute to the charitable work that helps to fight environmental and social injustice, we’re donating £1 from every online order to a charity of our choice. Last month we donated to Amazon Watch.

Read more about our sustainable practices here.



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