AT HOME WITH: At Home With Emma Hoareau
AT HOME WITH: At Home With Emma Hoareau
Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

At Home With Emma Hoareau

We caught up with @emmahoareau to find out how she’s coping with lockdown life... 

So, how are you feeling?

“I’m feeling pretty good, thanks. I’ve definitely been up and down but I’m learning to let myself feel lazy or down if that’s what my body is telling me. Although I still have work on it’s not as busy as usual as I don’t have to travel and be in central London for meetings so I’ve been given the gift of time, and it’s figuring out how I want to use it during this time that can confuse me.”

What have you been doing day-to-day, and how has this changed in comparison to your usual routine?

“I’ve still been doing my emails, still shooting and still writing my blog. I’m cooking more - I used to eat out for probably around 10 meals a week which is crazy! Mainly at work meetings and launches but also with friends in the evenings and weekends. I’ve been loving making soft boiled eggs with buttery sourdough to dip in, and really honouring the ritual of cooking and looking after myself. But sometimes I also make a bowl of pesto pasta and stick on Netflix. It’s all about balance. I guess life is, right?”

Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

What have you learnt about yourself since the virus started?

“That although, yes, I’m an introvert and love recharging on my own - I actually miss interaction with others more than I thought I would. For me alone time has always been such a treat as I am drained energetically by others (even though I am very social and enjoy it, it doesn’t bring me energy). I know now I’ll appreciate so much more being tired from being out!”

What have you learnt about society and the people you know, since the virus started?

“That we are, actually, very caring. That clapping together is a great way to get to know your neighbours and all smile and hope together. My friends are the kindest, most caring people in the world.”

Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

How do you see the future, once this is all over? Do you want to go back to normal, or do you envisage change within your own life?

“I don’t think going back to ‘normal’ will ever be possible. Yes, eventually businesses will open again and our daily activities may be more ‘normal’ to us, but this is going to have changed us and the world forever. It’s kind of crazy that we’re living through it - and we will never forget it. We’ve all been sent to our rooms by the universe, and it will hopefully make us realise how important the small things are and that - dear god - being ‘busy’ isn’t cool nor good for us.”

Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

Emma wears: Hanna Underwire Bra, Hanna Thong, Amie Cami, Amie Short

Find Emma here: @emmahoareau


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Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen
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