AT HOME WITH: At Home With Luce Testemale
AT HOME WITH: At Home With Luce Testemale
At Home With Luce Testemale

At Home With Luce Testemale

This week in our At Home With series, we talked to France-based artist, Luce Testemale on her love for colour and circular fashion…


Tell us about you and the journey of how you got to where you are today. 

“My name is Luce, I’m 21, currently living in the south of France. I grew up between Madagascar, Paris and Miami which has given me the ability to adapt to any environment I’m put in. Two years ago I started a project called Boobs Art. My mission was to paint women’s breasts and talk to them about their relationship with their boobs to show the diversity of bodies that exist and empower women. The project was a huge success, but Instagram took it down completely after less than a year for nudity reasons. It didn’t stop me from creating, though. I’m an artist. I have just launched my brand, Lunique. Lunique is a word I invented which means as unique as the moon in French. As a curious, self-made artist, I do punching needle, artistic makeup, upcycling, sewing, and many more things that you will see in Lunique.”

Have you always loved fashion, and who or what inspires your style?

“Not always. I used to have really low self-esteem, and I wasn’t giving attention to my style. But once I worked on building my confidence, I had a lot of fun discovering what my real fashion taste was. Today, what inspires me are colours, textures and uniqueness. As a fashion enthusiast, I have my obsessions - fake fur, disco balls and abstract shapes.”

Have you always been drawn to colours in your style? What would you suggest to someone who is nervous about colour but wants to wear it?

“Colours really are my therapy. I have always liked them, but today they really are 75% of my style and I’m not scared to mix tones and shades anymore. If I had to give advice to someone who wants to add colours to their look, I would tell them to “fake it, till you make it”. This is how I got my confidence today. The moment you dare to dress different, and be seen (because yes, colours will make you shine), people will make comments about the colours you are wearing. Acting like you are confident about it, even if it’s not true to start with, will make people love your new style and that’s when the real confidence power comes in.”

What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it most?

“Without any hesitation, it’s when I go searching in flea markets. This is one on my biggest passions. 95% of my apartment is decorated with second hand objects, furniture, and dishes. Looking for iconic pieces boosts my confidence because I know I am good at it. That makes me feel good.”

You’ve talked about your love for preloved clothing. How did you get into the circular fashion movement, and how do think it will change the future of this industry?

“When I was studying makeup in Paris, I didn’t have a huge budget to buy myself clothes, and at the same time it was a period of life where I was trying new things and finding my style. So I started thrift shopping and this really helped me create the identity I have today. There are already so many clothes on this planet to create, recreate, upcycle, transform. We have to be creative and reuse what we already have in order to limit the damages for the environment. Having a good impact on the circle of fashion and looking unique while doing it, what are we waiting for?”

What is your favourite Dora Larsen piece?

“I am a tulle lover. I always wear bralettes instead of bras for comfort but they are not always very sexy. Dora Larsen really changed my opinion with their collection of tulle bralettes. I have four of them already and I love them. As a fan of colour too, the whole brand really inspires me and empowers my body, too!”

Luce wears the Pixie Clean Tulle Underwire and matching ThongDorothee Lace Triangle Bra with matching Knicker, the Lotte Lace Underwire Bra with matching Knicker, all in a size 34B and UK10.

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At Home With Luce Testemale