AT HOME WITH: At Home with Léna Farouli
AT HOME WITH: At Home with Léna Farouli
At Home with Léna Farouli

At Home with Léna Farouli

We caught up with Parisian content creator and brand owner, Léna Farouil. We spoke about her love for fashion and how she created her label during the pandemic.


Tell us about you and how you got to where you are today?

“My name is Léna, I’m 27 and I was born and raised in Paris. I studied Fashion Business in Paris, and Public Relations in London. They were two fabulous experiences that really influenced my career and way of thinking. I used to work in fashion event organisation and I am now a full time social media content creator. I also recently launch my brand, Maison Solen, and I am so proud to also define myself as a fashion business owner and designer."

How did you first think of the idea for Maison Solen?

“Having my own clothing brand has always been my dream! In a certain way, I always knew it would happen someday but I needed time and more self-confidence to finally take the plunge. Maison Solen was created during the second lockdown here in France because I wanted to do something creative, and that I was ready to share my own interpretation of French fashion.

Have you always loved fashion and has your relationship with it changed over the years?

“Fashion is in my blood… literally! My great grandmother, grandmother and mom were working in fashion and I am happy to have evolved in a very creative environment thanks to them. All I know about fashion is thanks to them. My relationship with it is still the same, but I think that my way of consuming fashion really evolved over time towards a more conscious consumption.

How would you describe your style and who or what inspires you most?

“I would say that my style is pretty eclectic. I love mixing styles to create my own. But I would definitely say that I love effortless chic looks, prints and colourful outfits in general. I have a lot of fashion inspirations but my ultimate fashion icon is my mom! Some of my favourite pieces, that I wear on repeat, no matter the season, are actually vintage pieces I “borrowed” from her closet (with no intent to give back haha!).

What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it?

“I always feel more confident when wearing nice lingerie. This why I love Dora Larsen. Each piece makes me feel confident, comfortable, sexy and feminine.

What do you have coming up this year?

“A lot of new projects for Maison Solen, I can’t wait to tell more about it but for now it’s just ideas and dreams in my head!”

We can’t wait.

Léna wears the Greta Graphic Lace Underwire Bra and matching High Waist Knicker and the Noelle Organic Cotton Bodysuit in a 34C and UK10.  

Find Léna here

Find Maison Solen here.

At Home with Léna Farouli