AW22: Styling with Sabina Socol
AW22: Styling with Sabina Socol
Styling with Sabina Socol

Styling with Sabina Socol

Fashion brand owner, journalist and all round style icon, Sabina Socol is our go-to for French style and fashion inspiration. An advocate for dressing for yourself, Sabina understands the art of combining colour when choosing an outfit. See how she styles the AW22 collection.


How has your style and attitude towards fashion changed over the years? Is there anything in particular that’s caused it to change?

“I would say I’m less attracted to trends and more into finding my own signature style and sticking to it. Just wearing what makes me feel confident and being more sustainable with my fashion choices.”

We love how you mix up-and-coming brands with vintage or designer pieces. What is it that draws you to a new brand?

“I love feeling like I’m discovering something, and I love supporting niche brands / designers. Mixing it up is a way to create my own signature style.” 

As a designer yourself for your label, Pukja Paris, what do you want to bring to the fashion industry?

“A playful, feminine and timeless approach to fashion!” 

You wear lingerie in a playful way, often making it part of your outfit. Do you have any advice for styling lingerie in an empowering way?

“Absolutely. I believe that what you feel about yourself is what you transmit to others. Being confident is, to me, one of the keys to happiness. And one way to express it is by not caring what anyone thinks about the way I dress. I’ve always loved to be feminine and sexy, and I love showing it through lingerie. To me, that’s empowering.” 

You became a mother earlier this year. What do you love the most about your body now it’s been through such a change?

“I don’t know if I love something specifically, but I’m definitely more confident and less obsessive over tiny little details that would have ruined my life before haha. Generally, I’d say that becoming a mother gave me strength and confidence to overcome the challenges of daily life.”

Tell us how you put together each of your looks featuring Dora Larsen.

“I love how colourful the pieces are and it’s the colour itself that inspired me to create the looks, matching them with some colourful summery pieces of my own.”

Sabina wears the Effie Graphic Lace Bralette, Greta Graphic Lace Bralette, Ember Lace Soft Cup Bodysuit, Noelle Organic Cotton Underwire Bodysuit and the Ember Lace High Apex Underwire Bra, in a UK10 and 32C.

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Photography by Marianne Guillon.

Styling with Sabina Socol