AW20 shot by Emma Hoareau

After spending much of the Spring months in lockdown, we teamed up with our friend and photographer Emma Hoareau to shoot the new collection...

As things started to open a bit more in July, we were finally able to venture into a little bit of normality to shoot the new season. Take a look at some of our favourite images below, plus, a little catch up with Emma. We discuss how it felt working post lockdown, and what inspires her photography.

Our first shoot post lockdown and what a way to get back into the swing of things! How did you feel about working with a team again after working at home alone for so long?

“Honestly, I was so excited to shoot anyone but myself! And so happy to team up with one of my favourite brands to do so.”

Thank you!
We are in love with these new campaign images; it’s been hard keeping these under wraps until now. Tell us what inspires your style of photography?

“I'm so happy with how they came out. For me, I want to create imagery that feels very intimate but also relaxed. Kind of like I'm just capturing a candid moment, I think that's why I love shooting on film so much as it has a wonderful everyday feel to it. I get inspired by so much - from nature to what I'm reading and I always like to gauge the personality of the model too so I can run off their energy, and Mykeesha was wonderful for that.”

How long have you been a photographer now and what’s your favourite thing to shoot?

“I've been a professional photographer for four years but had always been obsessed with it before that! My favourite thing to shoot is natural beauty: whether that's the ocean or a female body. Both are naturally perfect.”


What do you think is needed to create the perfect image?

“Knowing that the perfect image doesn't exist and all you can do is try your best. I also think when I'm shooting a subject that there has to be a connection there, otherwise the photo has no emotion. For me, a good image makes you feel something, not just 'like' it. Oh, and good light.”

Do you prefer being in front of or behind the camera?

“Honestly I love both for different reasons. I think it depends what my energy is like. But I'd say I love doing both at the same time! When I shoot my self portraits I enjoy it so much as I get to be both the creator and the subject.”


Find Emma here: @emmahoareau, @imagemirage

Mykeesha wears a UK 10 and a 34B.

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:AW20 shot by Emma Hoareau

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