CONVERSATIONS IN COLOUR: Conversations In Colour: Amelia Widell
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Conversations In Colour: Amelia Widell

In our series, Conversations In Colour, we talk to people who, much like us, are inspired by and obsessed with colour. This month we sit down with Amelia Widell, founder and chief designer of Swedish furniture brand, MELIMELI, whose interiors transform any room into a feast for the eyes…


What is your earliest memory of colour? 

“There was an old lady living on the top floor in my building where I grew up as a kid. She was a poetic writer and I have a lot of memories of me hanging out at her place listening to her life stories while were sketching with her wax crayons.”

What colours are you particularly attracted to and why? 

“My favourite colour combination is light pink and china red. It makes me happy. I’m also a fan of mixing earthy tones with details on neon colours. I think it’s the opposites that attract.”

Dora Larsen | Amelia Widell - MELIMELI

When did you come with the idea for your interiors brand, MELIMELI and have you always wanted to be in the world of design? 

“It happened about six years ago when I was searching for a sofa for my own home, as well as for my clients when working as an interior stylist. I had a tough time finding comfortable, stylish sofas with great quality that weren’t too expensive. I could hardly find anything.  The result of the search became two sketches of the sofas Blanca and Luca and six months later, I launched MELIMELI.”

Tell us about your collection, your design process and who or what inspires you most?  

“I usually find a lot of inspiration when traveling but there hasn’t been much of that for the past year. I try to schedule time to do absolutely nothing but be alone with my sketchbook but the ideas of new products often pop up late at night just before I go to sleep.”

Dora Larsen | Amelia Widell - MELIMELI

Does your love of colour translate into other parts of your life?  

“You see a lot of colours in my home, my interiors and of course in my designs but when it comes to clothes I wear black from top to toe most of the time.”

Where can we see your collections? 

“You can visit us online or on Instagram for endless inspiration, and visit our London showroom or Stockholm flagship store to try our furniture before adding it to your home”

What’s coming up next for you? 

“We are launching our new modular sofa, Lucie, named after my baby girl, in the middle of June and also a lot of new ceramics too!”

Dora Larsen | Amelia Widell - MELIMELI

Find Amelia here.

Discover MELIMELI here and here.

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