AT HOME WITH: At Home with Jessie Kirk
AT HOME WITH: At Home with Jessie Kirk
At Home with Jessie Kirk

At Home with Jessie Kirk

New Zealand based content creator, Jessie Kirk, is our go-to for finding contemporary fashion inspiration.  An advocate for dressing for yourself, Jessie understands the importance of curating a wardrobe that feels authentically you.


Tell us about you and what you do, and a typical day in your life?
“My name is Jessie Kirk, I'm 26 and live in Auckland, New Zealand with my Husband Joel and our fur babies, Kylo, Miko and Mochi. I am a full time office manager for my parents’ company and a part time (feels like full time) content creator. I've been juggling both roles for almost 3 years now. I’m hoping to transition into a full time content creator within the next couple of years, as it's truly my passion.”
You champion buying less, buying better and second hand clothing. Have you always loved fashion and has your relationship with it changed over the years?
“I am definitely on a mission to buying less, better and second hand. This hasn't always been the case but it's the journey I am currently on. My love for fashion has only really come into my life in the last 2 and half years. I have gone through quite the physical transformation since 2019, and through that I started exploring fashion more. Just in the last month I decided to do a wardrobe refresh as I felt the pieces in my wardrobe were heavily influenced by what I saw was trendy online. I am now buying what I believe to be forever pieces that truly feel like me and am sharing this journey on my channels.”

What do you think the future of fashion and beauty looks like?
“I saw a TikTok video by Lani Ozark where she talked about nothing being trendy right now because everything is a trend. That's kind of what I see being the new norm for the fashion and beauty industry. Just everyone wearing whatever the hell they want and no one batting an eye.”

As women, do you think the relationship we have with ourselves is changing? If so, how? 
"Yes, absolutely. I think we are becoming more aware of the importance of looking after ourselves and protecting our mind, bodies and souls before we can put that energy into other relationships we have." 

What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it?
“Dora Larsen makes me feel pretty bloody sexy! I always start my day feeling good when wearing your sets. Dora Larsen made me fall in love with lingerie.”

What is your favourite Dora set, and why?
"For everyday comfort I love Dora Larsen's organic cotton sets and I have a soft spot for the Mollie colourway. And for when I want a bit of a sexy pick me up, I gravitate towards the tulle sets in any colour cause they are just all stunning."

How do you stay inspired about fashion, and has your style changed since your body changed? 
"I follow people that have the same passion as me. It motivates and inspires me when I see other people rocking incredible outfits. I am always discovering new brands from the people I follow and I follow some pretty cool people, so inspiration is everywhere for me.  My style has done a full 180 since my body has changed. I am much more eager to experiment with my style than I was before."


Jessie wears the Mollie Organic Cotton Underwire Bra with matching High Waist Knicker, the Gracie Clean Tulle Underwire Bra with matching High Waist Knicker and the Greta Graphic Lace Underwire Bra and matching High Waist Knicker, all in a size 34DD and UK12.

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At Home with Jessie Kirk