RESPONSIBLE FASHION: Sustainability: Our Commitment For 2021
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Sustainability: Our Commitment For 2021

2021 is here, and like most people, we’re looking forward to a fresh start.


Last year, we took more time than ever to assess (and then continued to reassess) our business practices to understand how we could produce our collections in a more responsible way. Our aim? To do better in every part of our business. This year we want to be more accountable and as always, transparent with you, so we have set ourselves some big goals…

Reducing our use of synthetic materials

Year on year, we’ve been taking steps to ensure we are improving our collections and produce them in the most responsible way we can. In 2021, we plan to reduce our use of virgin synthetic fibres as much as possible, replacing them with recycled alternatives. In doing so, it’ll help to divert waste from landfills. Producing in this way also uses fewer resources than virgin fibres, including water, energy and fossil fuel. As a small brand, we’re often limited in what can be done because we don’t have the same buying power as bigger brands do. However, we are always working on ways to incorporate recycled alternatives into our pieces where possible, from the elastics, the lace, the hardware, the boning and even the fastenings.


Increasing our use of natural and organic fibres

By introducing more organic fabrics into our collections, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment, whilst bringing you the same high-quality pieces. For example, organic cotton production uses 71% less water than conventional cotton, emits up to 46% less greenhouse gas, and eliminates the use of harmful synthetic pesticides. Later this year, we will be revealing exciting new collections made using organic and natural based materials.


Last year we spent time building first-hand relationships with many of our suppliers throughout our supply chain. In order to initiate meaningful change in our business, having strong visibility over our suppliers and their ethical standards is key. This year we will be focussed on continuing to work with the 74% of suppliers we’ve established relationships with and aiming to increase this to 100% across Tiers 1 (manufacturers), Tier 2 (finished materials and dye houses) and Tier 3 (fabric mills).




We strive to co-create and participate in a more circular fashion culture, and we feel that it is important to look after and dispose of anything unwanted in the most ethical and responsible way, too. From our initial product development right through to what we send to our retailers and customers.

To reduce single use plastic, in late 2019 we created fully compostable bags for transporting our collections to retailers in. We later discovered that the infrastructure to correctly dispose of these isn’t as readily available as we first thought, and typically, these bags would not be composted, but sent to landfill. When in landfill they can remain there without decomposing, similar to any other plastic, due to the conditions for active composting and decomposition not being present. This led to us changing back to 100% fully recycled and recyclable plastic bags again until a more sustainable solution is developed. In the meantime, recyclable plastic achieves a much greater circularity, due to a more widely available recycling infrastructure.

From a product recycling standpoint, bras are very hard to recycle due to the number of components used to create even one bra. We currently work with selected charities to send appropriate unsold inventory to those who need it, but this year, we want to find a solution for our customers to recycle their old or unworn bras, too.



Giving Back

Finally, we’re very aware that we are a part of the second most polluting industry globally and want to use our platform to help raise awareness around how we can all contribute to making fashion more responsible. This year, we have some exciting partnerships in the pipeline with non-profit organisations who are driving positive change and in turn, we hope to empower and encourage more people to buy responsibly.

We have some big challenges ahead, and we’re not afraid of change. As always, we’ll update you on our journey in the coming months. For more information on our sustainability plans, head to our blog.



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