Garment Care

Each piece of Dora Larsen lingerie and sleepwear has been carefully crafted to ensure quality and durability. Traditionally, advice has been to replace your bra every 6 to 12 months. But caring for, and buying the correct size, means you won’t have to. Replacing your lingerie less often means you reduce your environmental impact at the same time, too. We suggest following the tips below and checking our care label for the most accurate advice.

Essential Tips

Wash your lingerie on a cool, delicate machine wash, no higher than 30 degrees. We suggest using an eco-friendly detergent, to ensure that colours and fabrics are not damaged in the process.

Fasten any bra hooks and turn your pieces inside out when washing, avoiding a cycle with a fast spin.

Make sure your air dry your lingerie flat. This will ensure your delicates maintain their shape, minimise shrinking, and remove any wrinkles.

Let your bra rest between wears so it airs, and to also allow elastics to return to their original length.

    Caring for the planet

    Hand washing your lingerie is a good way to save on water – wash yours while you shower for an easy way to gently clean them.

    If you prefer a washing machine, try using a washbag like GUPPYFRIEND to reduce damage to your delicates and microplastics entering the oceans.

    Repair, where possible, instead of instantly replacing your lingerie and sleepwear.

    Always avoid the use of bleach or chemical soaps to maintain fabrics and colours.

    We hope these tips encourage the longevity of our collections in your wardrobe, and in turn help to support the environment by reducing waste, water and energy.

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