At Home With Francesca Saffari

We caught up with @francescasaffari on some of the longer term effects of lockdown...

So, as things slowly start to return to our ‘new normal’, what does this look like for you? Will life feel different to how it used to be?

“In terms of the working aspect, I’m self-employed anyway so the way I work hasn’t changed drastically for me. I work from home and predominately alone so that will continue to be the case. However, the other side of my work did mean I was in and out of central London most of the week for press events and meetings, so I think that will change. I think there will be a shift to more digital events and meetings and fewer physical meet ups. The ones that do happen I imagine with be smaller. Life definitely will feel different but I think humans have an incredible ability to adapt, I just hope that the system we live in will adapt as well. For example, people who aren’t able to work from home (super market staff, delivery drivers) receive a fairer wage for the extra risk they are taking, as well as continuing to support small businesses, those that have been furloughed or made redundant.”

Francesca Saffari @francescasaffari x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

Has your relationship to fashion changed since lockdown? If so, how?

“I have been trying to be a lot more conscious about my fashion consumption over the last couple of years so that continued during lockdown. However, given the uncertainty and difficulties economically I’ve definitely felt a lot warier of what I spend my money on and in the same vein what I promote on Instagram to my audience, given that a lot of people are going through extremely hard times. I also think now more than ever we should be promoting small, independent brands who really need our support during this incredibly tough situation.”

Francesca Saffari @francescasaffari x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

What do you think the future of fashion is? Will we relate to clothes and consumption in the same way in 2021?

“I think the fashion landscape has been changing over the last couple of years and I hope that continues. I think the rise in rental and second-hand fashion is really positive to see, as well as the increase in independent brands who are really committed to making and distributing clothes in a sustainable way and I hope that continues to grow. I also think that one of the positives of lockdown is that we’ve seen some real positives in terms of environmental impact. We’ve seen a lot less flights and a lot less travel in general with people staying at home, shops and factories being closed etc. overall has contributed to less carbon emissions. I hope that the world can learn from this and take affirmative steps to continue this one positive outcome. Do we need to travel to and from the office every day? Do we need to travel abroad for work so frequently? This pandemic has taught us that the majority of businesses can still function just as effectively with remote working, of course this won’t be the case for everyone but I think businesses have a duty to explore other ways in which they can change their business model for the good of the environment.”

As women, do you think the relationship we have with ourselves is changing? If so, how?

“I think there is a lot more positivity around body image and a lot more openness around talking about insecurities and women’s intimate health. Because of that I think a lot of women feel more secure in being able to share and talk about their feelings which, I hope, leads to a positive relationship with oneself. For me, getting older has taught me a lot about accepting and being happy in my own skin. I still think there is a long way to go, I still think the way the media and society put pressure on women to look or act a certain way is still very prevalent. It has got better for sure, but it is far from perfect.”

Francesca Saffari @francescasaffari x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

Francesca wears: Marlowe Underwire Bra, Marlowe Seamless Back Knicker, Ottalie Soft Cup Body

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:At Home With Francesca Saffari

Francesca Saffari @francescasaffari x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen