LAETITIA ROUJET: Conversations in Colour with Laetitia Rouget.
Conversations in Colour with Laetitia Rouget.

Conversations in Colour with Laetitia Rouget.

This week in our Conversations in Colour series, we chat to artist and ceramicist, Laetitia Rouget, on her love for colour and how she uses art as a form of expression.


What is your earliest memory of colour?

As a kid I remember blue being so magnetic, as it was my mother's favourite colour. Generally, from a young age, I used to love playing with colour and mixing different shades together.

What colours are you particularly attracted to and why?

Nowadays, I gravitate towards pinks and reds, but ultimately it’s about the combination of colour. Depending on the light and context, colours react in such different ways and can ignite an array of emotions.

When did you start designing, and have you always wanted to create your own brand?

I’ve never really thought about creating my own brand, however I have been designing my own furniture, paintings and ceramics since I was young. Gradually friends and family started to ask me to design pieces for them too, and my brand came into place very organically.

Tell us about your designs, your process and who or what inspires you most?

I love learning new materials, new ways to express myself and meeting inspirational artisans. The design process usually starts in my studio, where I like to experiment and work on new ideas. In terms of inspiration, I personally believe that painting can be a conversation with your unconscious mind. I give myself a lot of freedom when I create, and am often surprised along the way. I feel that creating can be like a meditation, a moment where you feel completely connected to what your hands are doing.

Does your love of colour translate into other parts of your life? 

Yes definitely! I wear a lot of colour and I live in a house full of colour which brings so much joy and vibrancy to my life. I see colour as my sunshine; they have a profound impact on my mood and mindset, and give me energy for the day. 

What’s coming up next for you?

In October I will be launching a collection called "Breakfast with Laetitia Rouget" with Porta NYC which I’m thrilled about. I am also working on exclusive capsules for Harrods and Selfridges, and I will be launching my first collaboration with Liberty early next year which I am very excited about! 

Laetitia wears the Vita Graphic Lace Strapless Bra with matching High Waisted Knicker and Arella Bralette with matching High Waisted Knicker, all in a size 34B and UK10.

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Conversations in Colour with Laetitia Rouget.