AT HOME WITH: At Home With Frann Fyne
AT HOME WITH: At Home With Frann Fyne
At Home With DL-At Home With Frann Fyne - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

At Home With Frann Fyne

We caught up with the Parisian vintage queen, @frannfyne, on life-changes, new projects and well-fitting lingerie...

Tell us about you and how you got into the world of vintage fashion.

"My name is Franny. I’m 43 years old and the mother of a lovely girl. I’m also an accounting assistant. Alongside that I created my Instagram lifestyle page @frannfyne, where I offer looks, often made up of vintage clothes, that I shop in thrift stores, flea markets and sometimes online.

This page allows me to show that you can have style, be chic with vintage pieces of good quality (cut, material) without breaking the bank. I've been shopping in these places for almost 19 years since my daughter was born (way before even).

Almost a year ago, I also created another page where I offer my little finds for sale because many people asked me to. And then Yomokoï was born. The site is currently under construction and soon you will be able to shop for these little nuggets."


How has a typical day in your life changed?

"Lol…Other than being more masked than usual. We are in the middle of a pandemic period so my typical day is a bit how do I say it... monotonous. I get up, have a coffee, walk my dog ​​to relax before logging into my computer for a day of telecommuting.

What I miss the most is: to cook up a look, rush into public transport, discuss things with others around me, have lunch on the terrace, or even just take a stroll after work. I’m lucky to live in the capital, so there is always something to do. I miss this excitement very much. I hope that everything will improve very quickly because I have another project in mind."


Have you learnt anything new about yourself since spending more time at home?

"Yes. I have a very speedy nature and was anxious at the start of the pandemic. I could not stay still. I was going all over the place. Now I am more zen, and, above all more reflective."


Let's talk about vintage. As we spend less time in stores, please give us your tips for buying vintage online and where do you like to shop?

"My advice for shopping well online is to be really patient and vigilant. It may take hours, days, months to shop THE PIECE. There are many ways to shop for vintage, the list is so long. Before you buy, if the garment's label is readable, do some research on the web. Personally, when I shop online, I often go to my colleagues because I have total confidence in them. I admit that my greatest pleasure is going to a thrift store. I love strolling the shelves, taking my time and digging in every corner to find something special."


What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it?

"First of all, having good underwear is essential, it allows me to have good posture and it gives me confidence in my movements. I can wear old vintage jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer, but if my underwear doesn't fit or make me feel so comfy or sexy, it can get me down for the whole day."

What do you have coming up this year?

"The coming year will be very exciting for me because I will be launching my sales site and another ongoing project. For the rest we will see what will happens!"

Frann wears: Luna Underwire Bra in a 32E and the High Waist Knicker in a UK10, The Iris High Apex Underwire Bra in a 32E and the High Waist Knicker in a UK10.

Find Frann here: @frannfyne

Yomokoï: @yomokoii



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At Home With DL-At Home With Frann Fyne - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie