Self-Healing with Sundal

This week in The Soul Sessions series, we catch up with actress, model and mystic, Sundal Roy. We talk about self-healing and how to be the best version of ourselves…


Tell us about you, and what you do? 

“I've been working internationally as a model and actress for over 10 years now. I recently retrained as a Quantum Fieldwork healer, mentored by Emily Joy Harris, and am still completing my training in Himalayan Kriya Yoga under Samten Sanchez.  I have been on a path of hieros gamos/inner alchemy for many years now.”

Have you always been interested in wellness, and how did you first get into yoga and practising self-healing?

“I experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2012, and since then I have been on an obsessive path of diving deeper and deeper into esoteric traditions, which of led me to natural healing and the body-mind connection.  I practiced yoga as a child but got more serious about it while modelling in India. I was always very politically-minded and drawn to activism from about 13 years old. Studying esoteric wisdom helped me to see the parallels between inner healing and social transformation.  In hermetic philosophy, the 2nd hermetic principle is the principle of correspondence, i.e. as within, so without. Therefore, the outer world is a reflection or mirror of that which is within us.  So as we heal ourselves, we become divine agents of change.”

Your wellness work is based around liberation, self-realisation and sovereignty – what does this mean and how can we work towards becoming the best version of ourselves?

By dropping the conditioning that society puts upon us that prevents us from being everything we always dreamed we could be.  By challenging long-held belief systems that may not be serving us.  By flipping the script.  By following our hearts.  By removing overlays that hook into our childhood or ancestral wounds that keep us looping in lower timelines.  We can trace them back to the origin wound, healing them at the source and then activate new belief systems and step into a different, better reality.  As we start to do this more, we become liberated from the old stories that held us back, we realise the truth of who we are, sovereign, free individuals that create our own reality as we see fit, in alignment with natural laws (that do no harm).  We reclaim our energy and our power and stop feeding into lower timelines.  We're all doing this collectively, and the more we do it individually, the more we'll start to see the world change.”

What sort of changes do you typically see in people who put in the time to work on themselves?

“One of the first and biggest changes that I see is people will stop people-pleasing.  They learn to listen to their own bodies, as the body is the subconscious mind and always has wisdom to share with us, if we choose to tune into it.  They learn to trust the wisdom of their bodies and start to say no to things that don't feel good to them anymore.  They learn how to enact loving boundaries and stop leaking energy.  When they do this, they have more energy for the things that are really important to them, and they start to make time for those things.  As that starts to happen the excuses and negative beliefs that hold them back from fulfilling their highest potential start to fall away and they start to make real changes in their lives.  This applies to everything so one of the first places we see this change is in intimate partner relationships.  Those start to improve massively as people stop putting up with toxicity or playing into it.” 

Is there anything we can do or adjust in our daily lives to help switch our mind set to the way we’ve been conditioned as a society?

“Listen to your body, gut feelings exist for a reason.  Most people gaslight themselves out of trusting their own inner wisdom because mainstream society profits from keeping them small and that others know better.  The body represents our feminine energy and it's no coincidence that the feminine has been suppressed for generations on this planet, because she holds an incredible amount of wisdom and intuition.  When you suppress the feminine aspect in people, you create a split in their psyches that results in cognitive dissonance.  It makes people much more easy to control and they become more subservient to authority.  When you awaken the feminine aspect, an inner marriage takes place, aka hieros gamos, that opens up your energy centres, such as the pineal gland and you start to be able to discern truth from falsehood.  That results in sovereign humans who cannot be controlled.”

Have you come across any taboos around what you do and how do you dispel them?

“Many.  Most people who do the work that I do don't really like to talk too openly about it because when you start to heal yourself, you actually start to awaken a lot of your multidimensional gifts that are cut off from the average person.  Things that sound crazy to most people, and it's not unheard of that people who are spiritually in tune or going through an awakening will be sectioned by a western medical system that has no understanding of more than the 5-sense reality.  Also sovereign beings are extremely difficult to control, they won't just do something unless they've decided for themselves it's the right thing to do, not because someone else told them they had to or shamed them into doing it.  I mainly just meet people where they're at, and try not to give them more information than they're ready to receive, but it can be hard sometimes!  Things that have just become my normal everyday reality, such as travelling to different lifetimes in my dreams or dispelling demons that are attached to people would be considered bonkers to a lot of people but they're just normal for me now.  But I also don't work with just anybody.  I listen to my intuition and if I feel like a potential client would not be a good fit for the work that I do, I won't work with them one on one.  Quantum Fieldwork is a very effective modality that will drop out old stories very fast and quickly level you up into who you're supposed to be.  It can transform someone's life very quickly and not everyone is ready to make those changes yet.”

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:Self-Healing with Sundal

Self-Healing with Sundal