: Soul Sessions with Caley Vanular
: Soul Sessions with Caley Vanular
Soul Sessions with Caley Vanular

Soul Sessions with Caley Vanular

 This week in our Soul Sessions series, we’re excited to chat to Caley Vanular, a multi-talented entrepreneur, athlete and creative director, on her affinity with the ocean and finding balance between a city career and a love of nature.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, and the path that has led you to where you are today. 

My name is Caley Vanular. I am a multi-disciplinary creative, entrepreneur and athlete from the beautiful rugged coast of British Columbia in Canada. I have explored many paths and endeavours that eventually led me to where I am today.... a walking and working juxtaposition of city and career-driven woman mixed with a wild adventurous woman of nature.  From launching brands like Herschel Supply and FORAH to capturing images for Nike and The Canadian Tourism Board to snowboarding professionally for K2, my experience is vast and variable yet all hones around the same concepts... building new futures, capturing moments and sharing feelings through photos, video, movement and word. 



You’ve travelled all over the world, and surfed in some beautiful locations. Which spot has been your favourite and why?

One of my favourite surf trips I have ever been on was to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. We flew into a small airport called Sand Spit and jumped on an old fishing boat for 10 days... It was so removed from society... so pristine... so Alaska. We spent our days taking in the beauty of the coastlines, searching for waves and surfing alone with eagles, whales, sea lions and bison standing guard on the land... it was otherworldly. I need to go back this winter. 



Have you always felt an affinity towards the ocean? Can you tell us about your earliest memory of being in the sea?

I love the ocean and all bodies of water. I grew up spending time in the Great Lakes swimming and sailing and in the Atlantic Ocean boating and scuba diving with my dad. Eventually snowboarding led me to move west to British Columbia and it's here where I found mountains that crash into the sea and my love for surfing in cold water. My earliest memory of being in the sea is being with my family in Bermuda and we did this underwater experience... I remember so vividly laying on the bottom of the ocean blowing bubbles up to the sky... It was at that moment that I fell in love with the ever-fascinating world below us. 



We’re all aware of the damage taking place to our oceans, is this ever something you have witnessed first-hand on your travels? 

It's impossible not to witness first-hand the damage taking place in our oceans... as a surfer you physically swim in the pollution, you aid in the pollution by just wearing the wrong sunscreen (stick to 100% Mineral Sunscreen <3). You can physically feel the damage because you get sick after it rains in California... you dodge plastic in the oceans in Asia... on the most remote beach I have ever walked on in Alaska I kept finding fishing and shipping trash. It's unavoidable.


What inspires you to want to respect and take care of the ocean? 

One of my most favourite feelings in the world is to be in the ocean... disconnected yet connected. Submerged. Playing in nature. Respecting its power. I think that people who spend more time in nature know that nature doesn't need us... we need nature... we need clean oceans and coral reefs. That's why I know sharing my sport is important. It encourages people to venture into the elements and shows them what they are doing. It invites them to see first-hand the effects. If they fall in love with something in nature that gives them joy I know it encourages more and more people to do better. to care. 



Do you feel like the ocean has a healing effect on you?

Of course. The ocean has given me life. The ocean has almost taken my life. It calms my mind and my soul. It challenges me to my wits end. It harnesses the most healing sounds and the lack of sound. It is the most healing feeling. It is a place that I will be for eternity... you will always find me by the sea. 


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Soul Sessions with Caley Vanular