STORIES: What everyone should know about periods.
Dora Larsen x ohne – What everyone should know about period misconceptions

What everyone should know about periods.

There are many myths when it comes to periods. We spoke to ohne, the 100% organic, sustainable period brand, to help us understand and dismantle the taboos, and unlearn the internalised shame attached to periods...


Periods can be sustainable. 

There are sustainable options when it comes to periods. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or convenience either just because you want to take care of the environment too. Whether it be menstrual cups or 100% organic cotton tampons, keep an eye out for organic certifications from places like GOTS and Soil Association, and check the disposal instructions for packaging, whether it’s compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable.


You can wear lingerie on your period.

There’s a misconception that you have to hibernate while you’re bleeding. If that’s your thing, go for it. But, just know you can feel sexy, too. It could even help lift your mood. Embrace the self-love and wear the lingerie you want to wear.


Give your period undies a makeover.

Period underwear can be whatever you want it to be. Leave behind the days of recycling the same pairs of greying knickers. Changing your tampon within the recommended time will minimise the chances of spotting, but if there is any leakage, it can be fixed. As soon as you can, get some soap and cold water, and gently rub the stained area. Blood does come out, you just have to be patient.


Period sex is not dirty.

If you do want to have sex while on your period, there should be nothing holding you back (as long as you’re both 100% comfortable and consenting). It can be hard to let go of the social stigma surrounding periods, but remember they’re not dirty, unclean, or 'gross'. They’re natural, and this is something to embrace.


Period change is normal.

Periods are affected by lifestyle changes. Everything from your diet and your sleep schedule to the weather can affect your menstrual cycle. This is also extremely dependent on hormones. Situational factors can affect how severe your PMS is, the severity of your cramps, and even the length of your cycle or period. If you’ve felt your cycle changing during lockdown, it’s not surprising. Your stress levels are higher and your routine is messed up.


Periods don’t have to hurt.

Period pain – or dysmenorrhea, negatively impacts 50% of those of us with a uterus. It’s not something you should have to put up with though. There are ways to manage your period pain without medication. Heat, ginger, magnesium (which you’ll be delighted to know can be found in dark chocolate), and CBD can all help.


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