RESPONSIBLE FASHION: The Microplastic Resolution
News-The Microplastic Resolution - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

The Microplastic Resolution

As part of our journey to create responsibly, we’re keen to make positive changes to our brand and collections to achieve our sustainability commitments year on year. 


This year we plan to decrease our use of virgin synthetic fibres where possible, replacing them with recycled alternatives and in doing so, helping to reduce waste from landfills. As part of this plan, we also want to bring you solutions to reduce environmental impact. To help us with our mission, we’re pleased to be partnering with GUPPYFRIEND, a not for profit organisation who have created a scientifically proven washing bag that is effective in stopping microplastics pollution.

What are microplastics and why are they harmful?

Clothing made from synthetic materials shed when we wash them, and with each wash, these fibres, known as microplastics, enter our oceans, lakes and rivers. Once in the environment, these man-made fibres pollute our waters, resulting in serious infections and blockages for animals who inhabit them, and nature as a whole. The issue goes on to affect animals on land and even humans, who consume these particles through the food chain.

How can the GUPPYFRIEND washing bag help?

Constructed from polymide 6.6, a high-tech, long lasting material, the bag catches synthetic fibres and prevents them from entering the ocean. In turn, the bag stops your clothes from losing these fibres, protecting your pieces, so they have longevity in your wardrobe, too. After your washing cycle, remove the fibres and collect them in a container with a lid and safely dispose of them.

What’s next?

Profits from the sale of each washing bag goes back to STOP! Micro Waste, an NGO who are on a mission to make nature plastic free. As members of 1% for the Planet, we are committed to giving back and helping to promote change. We’ll keep you updated with our plans, including which organisations we align ourselves with in the future. Follow us on Instagram for more.

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