STORIES: Styling bodies with Harmony Youngs
STORIES: Styling bodies with Harmony Youngs
Stories-Styling bodies with Harmony Youngs - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

Styling bodies with Harmony Youngs

We look to vintage styling queen, Harmony Youngs, for some inspo on how to style our bodies.

Do you wear bodies often and what do you love most about them?

“Yes! The comfort and confidence a body brings when wearing is really something. I’ve always loved a body and jean combo - I think it’s a very sexy, cool yet timeless look.”


Talk us through how you styled your looks with our Iris and Ivy bodies…

“I’ve styled the Iris Body with a silk satin pyjama two-piece from the 1940s as the colour tones of the body work beautifully against the set. The pyjamas also have a lovely story to them; the blouse feature flowers hand-painted by a bride who wore them on her wedding night - how wonderful is that?”

“I think bodies work so effortlessly with a great pair of jeans so I have styled with a classic pair of 501 Levi’s I picked up from a Brick Lane vintage store. With colder weather approaching, I finished the look with a 1940s Austrian Cardigan sourced from The Pansy Garden Vintage.”

“I’ve styled the Ivy bodysuit with a vintage corduroy Levi’s A-Line skirt in navy (a recent purchase) as well as a seventies pink knit, which has fantastic, huge balloon sleeves - perfect for a fairly casual weekend look. I love that the hint of pink on the body is elevated by the pink knit.”

“Another denim-styled look - this time with an Austrian blouse. I own what some might say were a ridiculous amount of these, but each one is so unique in their own way and are forever timeless! This I sourced from a vintage Depop shop; Reina Vintage. A very easy, effortless look for a body that will always remain a classic.”

Let’s talk vintage for a moment. Have you always been into buying second-hand fashion and how do you decide on if a piece is right for your wardrobe?

“Yes! I’ve been shopping second-hand since I was young, whether it be Sunday morning car-boot sales with my Mum or weekly visits to charity shops hunting vintage pieces. I was taught that you needn’t spend a lot or shop the high street to look great - I’m so glad looking back that this has shaped the way I shop. Usually when shopping vintage I’ll buy a really great staple that I know will be worn and loved endlessly. When I happen to come across a somewhat bold or statement piece, if it’s something I spot and consider special and one of a kind - it must be taken home with me!”

What key elements do you look for when buying vintage pieces?

“I consistently find myself looking for pieces I know are truly special - for example the 1940s silk two-piece. It has character, a fascinating backstory, and it’s survived eighty years existing on this planet already! I’m always open to different styles and pieces from a range of eras. When watching fashion shows, I see that lots of brands reference pieces of the past - they definitely inspire the kind of vintage pieces I’ll look into sourcing next.”

How important is sustainable fashion to you?

“Sustainable fashion is super important to me and it should be to others, as fashion is one of the biggest polluters and contributors to the ongoing problem with climate change. I’m no expert when it comes to this, but I fully acknowledge the condition our planet is in at the moment. Buying vintage and second hand is only a small step, but the more that people partake in this initiative the greater difference it can make. Investing in a piece that can be worn for years - by a sustainable brand who are transparent with how their product is made and who by - is more rewarding than spending an equivalent amount on a few pieces you’d wear once or twice. We need to be more mindful and conscious of where we are buying and the businesses we are supporting.”

Harmony wears: Iris High Apex Body in a UK10, Ivy Underwired Body in a UK10.

Find Harmony here: @harmonyyoungs


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