RESPONSIBLE FASHION: If the bra fits...
RESPONSIBLE FASHION: If the bra fits...
At Home With DL-If the bra fits... - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

If the bra fits...

Bra issues? We’ve been there too. We talk to our in-house Production & Technical Manager (and all round boob expert), Holly, on her most asked questions as well as her tips and tricks for making sure your bra fits the way it should.


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How do I fit my brand new bra?

Firstly, fully loosen the straps then slip your arms in them and fasten on the tightest hook whilst leaning forward, so that the full volume of the bust can be encapsulated in the wires.

Tip - Avoid fastening at the front and spinning the bra around, as this can distort the wires - a comfortable bra will have nicely flexible wires, so you want to keep these in shape.

The Underband

The bra band should be firm but comfortable on the loosest fastening. Test this by pulling out the sides of your bra with two fingers. If it comes away more than 2cm (approx. two finger widths) you will need to go down a back size and up a cup size.

Tip - As the bra ages, tighten up on to the next hook and eyes, as the elasticity of the bra will naturally deplete. This means you can keep using the bra for much longer.

The Cups

When you have secured the back, and are leaning forward, put your right hand into your left cup and swoop all of the breast tissue forward. Repeat on the opposite side. This will put the wire in the correct position at your underarm, and if you have the correct cup size, it will eliminate side boob and all the fullness will be in the correct position. 

If you find that your wires are sitting forward at the centre front or that you have cup spillage, we recommend going up a cup size.  If there is a 1cm gap at the centre front, go up 1 size e.g. B-C, 2cm gap 2 cup sizes – e.g. B-D and so on, but keep the same band size.

Tip - Check in the mirror that your nipples are both sitting centrally in the deepest part of the cup.

The Straps

Now the band is well fitting and the centre front of the wires are sitting back to your breastbone with no cup spillage, you will need to tighten your straps.  You may have different sized cups (most people do) so adjust your straps until you find a good level of support, without any uncomfortable digging.

Tip - If your straps fall off of your shoulders, this is an indicator that you need to go down a band size.

Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

Why are my cups gaping?

If your cups are gaping at the neckline after adjusting your straps, you will need to go down a cup size.   

My straps are digging in, what can I do?

If your straps are starting to dig in or the back band starts to rise, you will need to re-assess if it is too loose, and go down a back size and up a cup size.

Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

What shape should I go for if I need extra support in the cup?

If you’re after that extra lift, we’d recommend our High Apex Underwire Bra (Kiran, Emelie and Lauren) as the lace is lined with an extra layer of supportive stretch-tulle, but also because the high apex design helps pull the bust upwards. We’re also launching our first ever wire-free bra that we’ve sized in bra sizes (as opposed to dress sizes) in January. It’s been specifically designed to provide amazing support up to an F cup.

What’s the best shape for a small bust that doesn’t need much support, but still wants a flattering silhouette underneath clothes?

If you prefer a wired bra, we’d always recommend our Lace Trim Underwire Bra (Sienna and Cydney) - the wire is shaped in a way which is very flattering for smaller boobs. If you prefer to go wire-free, then the Padded Triangle Bra (Nora and Lila) is also a firm favourite for smaller busts, as it provides a lovely smooth silhouette underneath tight fitting tops.

Explore our underwire bras here.

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