: Georgia Talks Swim 24
: Georgia Talks Swim 24
Georgia Talks Swim 24

Georgia Talks Swim 24

We sit down with Georgia, our founder and designer, to learn about the philosophy behind our latest Swim collection, the challenges that come with developing a new product, and the pieces she has on her wishlist for the summer.  

Why did you decide to design a swim collection?

It’s been on my mind for a long time, but it never felt like the right time for various reasons (Covid being a major interruption of course!). I think a big issue people find when shopping swimwear (myself included), is that while there are a lot of beautiful and exciting designs out there, it’s more difficult to find pieces that fit, flatter all body shapes, and provide functionality. As we’re a lingerie brand, and fit is obviously a key focus of ours, it just made sense that we would create swim pieces which serve this purpose. 

What is it about this collection that makes it feel unique?

It feels like you’re wearing your best fitting lingerie, and in many ways, this is the core reason why it feels unique. But also the attention to detail with the gold trims, the adjustable back, the super-soft textured fabric, the bold colours. It all comes together into something quite special (if I don’t say so myself!).



Were there any challenges in creating the collection?

As always, it’s nerve-wracking launching a completely new product area. We’re working with a new factory based in Turkey, with new fabric suppliers based in Italy, and the product itself is something new so there’s a lot of things you need to discuss and go through. But it’s all gone really well, and so far I feel like we’ve made really spot-on decisions. We’ve kept the collection small as we want to gage a reaction from our customers first, get an idea of what colours, shapes and sizes people are looking for. But hopefully, if all goes well, we can build the collection to be bigger next year. 



Why did you decide to go with a fabric made with ECONYL® yarn?

We sourced the fabric from Carvico, a fabric supplier based in Italy. They’re pretty infamous in the industry for their beautiful quality, innovative designs and eco-credentials. The fabric itself is made from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, an alternative to fossil-based nylon made from waste products. Normally, nylon has a significantly detrimental environmental impact, but the Italian company, Aquafil, creator of ECONYL ® fiber, seek to help reduce the effects of this material on the environment by using nylon scraps otherwise polluting the earth. The fabric has to be seen to really be appreciated. 



Which bikini set will you be wearing this summer, and why?

It’s got to be the Phoebe underwire bikini top and high waist knicker!

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Georgia talks AW23.
Georgia Talks Swim 24