: Georgia talks AW23.
: Georgia talks AW23.
Georgia talks AW23.

Georgia talks AW23.

We sit down with Georgia, our founder, to learn about the inspiration behind AW23, how she designs the collections, her new life in Somerset and what’s coming for DL in the future.


Where did your ideas for the colour combinations in the collection come from?

When I’m designing, I essentially get into a bit of a meditative zone and play around with different swatches of fabric and Pantone shades, putting colours together until I find combinations that feel exciting. I don’t rely on mood boards or trend predictions, it’s more of an organic thing. I go with my intuition, my gut - just whatever I’m feeling at the time. When I was a fashion buyer, I struggled with the fast, fleeting and trend-driven element of my job. I just wanted to make something beautiful that could stand the test of time, I didn’t want to be restricted by rules. This season, I had a strong feeling for deep reds as I felt drawn to the idea of taking classic and romantic colours, and combining them with other fiery, but more unusual shades, to create something new. 


What’s the one thing you’ll be getting from this collection, and why?

I’m a slave to the padded triangle bra, so it’s got to be the Aerin padded triangle. I’ve lived in these bras ever since I started doing them – they’re great for small boobs as they give you a bit more shape, if you’re breast feeding (as the pad catches any milk), if you don’t fancy wearing a wire but want to feel supported. I also adore the new modal set. It’s so soft and cosy, and the fit is very flattering.



How do you feel about the brand now, to when you first started 7 years ago?

So, so differently. It was so nerve-wracking running the brand in the early days as I never knew what to expect and I was still learning about our customer. I also made a ton of mistakes (although I’m grateful for them now). I feel like we’ve come SO far. Running the brand has been a huge rollercoaster, but I’ve learnt absolutely loads about the world, about myself and about other people – all of which has really matured me. My husband and I have put a lot of love into the brand over the past 7 years, and I hope everyone who buys from us can feel that.

Has moving to the countryside from London recently influenced how you get your ideas?

I’m sure it has. I feel more connected to nature now, the cycles of the moon, and the seasons in general. Our cottage is placed just by a river and we are surrounded by this beautiful enchanted forest. I feel a real sense of peace being there. It wouldn’t surprise me if this sense of peace has influenced my designs and helped me connect further to my intuition when it comes to designing and making business decisions in general.


Can you give us any clues as to what new designs might be coming in the future?

Lots of exciting things! We have a new embroidery range launching this November, we’ve updated a lot of our shapes and laces, and most excitingly of all… we are launching Swimwear next year!

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