DL REFLECTIONS: DL Reflections with Tanya Robertson
Tanya Robertson, founder of Womanhood for Dora Larsen Reflections

DL Reflections with Tanya Robertson

We caught up with Tanya Robertson, Founder of lingerie retailer Womanhood, on her experience with her own femininity, and how this has gone on to form an essential part of the brand’s identity.

How has your own experience with yourself, and your body, affected your view on femininity?

Being in my twenties, I feel like I have only touched the surface of my femininity. I’m becoming more aware of what attributes other than physical ones, affect my view on it. This has been a welcome shift and perhaps it’s partly due to the nature of my job. I’m lucky that the womanhood community can teach me so much about the fluidity of femininity. 

Dora Larsen – Colourful Lingerie – Womanhood

Knowing what you know now, what do you wish someone had told you about being a woman when you were younger?

That being a woman is an ongoing journey. I remember the first time I felt confident in my skin and thinking that was it, I had reached the milestone and the job was done. Looking back, it’s comical that that was my understanding as I have since learnt that it will never be the case. There is beauty to be had in the ups and downs. It has been a huge weight off my shoulders recognising there is no end goal and acknowledging I will always change as I grow.

Dora Larsen – Colourful Lingerie – Womanhood

What messages are you hoping that Womanhood gets across to its audience?

That women are AMAZING!!! Our differences make us stronger and they deserve to be celebrated. I hope womanhood inspires people to recognise their own beauty – both internal and external.

What advice would you give to others who may be struggling to accept or love themselves?

I always tell myself that self-love or acceptance, is like a wave that comes and goes. There will be moments when I accept and love myself and moments when I don’t. Celebrate the times you feel your power and be kind to yourself in between. Trust in the continual journey of it all. It is a work in progress that’s ever shifting and swaying as you grow.

Dora Larsen – Colourful Lingerie – Womanhood

Find Tanya here: @tanyalydia

Find Womanhood here: @wearewomanhoodwomanhood.shop

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Tanya Robertson, founder of Womanhood for Dora Larsen Reflections