RESPONSIBLE FASHION: Comfort just got an upgrade
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Comfort just got an upgrade

Organic cotton has arrived.

Creating responsibly is as the forefront of our brand and one of our aims at the start of this year was to introduce more organic and natural fabrics into our pieces. We started with our Sleepwear collection, crafted in organic cotton and linen. Fast forward to AW21, and we’ve recently launched our first organic cotton lingerie sets. It’s been a while in the making, and like everything we do, time and research has gone into creating a collection we think you’ll love to wear, from the fabrics to the fit on your body.

Introducing Rosalie and Marley.

We wanted something comfortable, but still exciting and inspiring to wear so we looked to our popular Clean Tulle range as our starting point. Launched in Spring 2020, she’s been a favourite since the start; offering a cool, minimal alternative to our signature lace styles, without compromising on support.

We went for organic cotton because it’s breathable and soft on your skin, it also uses up to 71% less water than conventional cotton and is grown without the use of pesticides. But choosing a fabric isn’t always enough. Where does it come from and what does it go through? Visibility within our supply chain is important to us and if we were choosing a sustainable fabric, we wanted our factories to be producing responsibly too. Our cotton factory are pioneers in their field; a certified green company, who offered us a responsible solution to their production methods. Water plays as essential role in processing organic cotton and many of the sources in the area were polluted with industrial and domestic waste. Over 8 years ago, they decided to create and invest in a Water Resource Management System to treat and purify the water source, to ensure it was uncontaminated. In addition to this, the threads, metal hardware and boning are produced using recycled materials. The fabrics are all OEKO-TEX certified, so they are dyed without the use of harmful chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Rosalie and Marley are our most responsibly created pieces yet - we hope you love them as much as we do.

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