AT HOME WITH: At Home With Zeena Shah
AT HOME WITH: At Home With Zeena Shah
Zeena Shah @heartzeena x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

At Home With Zeena Shah

We spoke to @heartzeena on how she’s staying connected and making her own fun indoors...

So, how are you feeling?

I’m a really positive person so tend to always have a sunny disposition that I hope rubs off on those around me. It’s such a distressing time, I’ve taken to watching the news less and less and am trying to focus on the good rather than the sadness and how I can help the people around me with what feels true to me. Having been a freelancer for a long time I’ve had to ride highs and lows which helps in a situation like this one with so much uncertainty.

What have you been doing day-to-day, and how has this changed in comparison to your usual routine?

For me things have stayed pretty much the same. The main difference is that I’m of course spending a lot more time at home. I’d usually be out and about 3-4 times a week at events and launches for exciting new things. Catching up with friends and out for dinner at one of the many independent eateries - we’re spoilt for choice in Hackney.

Zeena Shah @heartzeena x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

What have you learnt about yourself since the virus started?

That I am a pretty resilient person and can turn even the worst situation into something positive. I adapted to working from home life and adjusted my routine pretty quickly. I realised after the first couple of weeks that I needed to set some routine and get dressed. I, like most need structure and routine to feel productive. It inspired the #instarainbowchallenge that I set up with my friend Natalie Wall. We wanted to share and inspire some positivity through colour and getting dressed.

What have you learnt about society and the people you know, since the virus started?

Humans are incredibly strong and resilient creatures. We can adapt and come together during a crisis and it’s been amazing to see. We also need to be around other people and communicate. The importance of community has become even more apparent. We now talk to our neighbours on a daily basis which sounds silly but we just didn’t before this happened. I have so many conversations over my instagram now too partly because I have a bit more spare time, but also because I’m reaching people that want to connect. It’s lovely.

Zeena Shah @heartzeena x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

How do you see the future, once this is all over? Do you want to go back to normal, or do you envisage change within your own life?

I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to normal once this is all over. It’s been a true eye opener and as someone that will focus on the silver linings it will make for a lot of positive change.

I’ve always struggled to leave work behind at 6pm (when you work for yourself it’s all you know and also incredibly fun). Making more time for family and friends and setting boundaries is step one.

I always thought I was very good at keeping waste to a minimum but have realised how careful we’ve been about leftovers and making every ounce of our food and income stretch during this time. I made a bone broth for the first time and have never enjoyed cooking more.

That’s another thing I’ll change after this. Less takeaways for sure.

Zeena Shah @heartzeena x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen

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Zeena Shah @heartzeena x Dora Larsen – At home with Dora Larsen