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News-An Ode To Nature On Earth Day - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

Our thanks this Earth Day

Has it really been over twelve months? This past year has both flown by and at the same time, helped us to really slow down our busy lives. One thing we can probably all say is that we’ve never appreciated the outdoors as much as we have done during this time.


The daily walk. It’s been our time of exercise, our (socially distanced) social lives, and for many of us, a saviour when it’s come to the well-being of our mental health. Most importantly though, it’s been our connection to the world. A time where we could see that life does still exist outside of our own four walls. Staying in became the new going out and going out suddenly felt sacred.

The pandemic has caused pain on a global level and as result it has forced us all to unite and almost go back to basics. Many of us took satisfaction in perfecting recipes, growing our own vegetables, hiking, cycling, foraging and other activities we didn’t think we had time for before. So why are we all desperate to resume complete “normality” when we have gained so much from the last year? This Earth Day we want to say thanks, to show how much we have appreciated nature during this testing time, and explore what we can do to continue to our relationship with it in the future.

Dora Larsen | Earth Day

Why are we so connected to the Earth?

It’s all about energy. The Earth, like us, is electromagnetic, so we naturally attract each other. Modern frequencies found in our devices and digital appliances, don’t have the same forces as we do, so they aren’t able support our brains and bodies in the same way. Some of us find that a day in the sun “recharges” our batteries, and it’s the same with nature as a whole. When we don’t spend enough time outdoors, we can become unearthed, quite literally.

How can we continue to appreciate the planet and allow it to help us going forward?


Kick off your shoes and walk bare feet on the grass, sand or in the sea. Allow your body to naturally recharge and de-stress by reconnecting with the earth. Our shoes are usually created from man-made materials, so connecting via the soles of our feet allows these subtle energies to come through to our bodies.

Tree hugging 

Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for emotional bonding and also, the feeling of calmness when we are our most relaxed. We get that same sensation when we wrap our arms around a tree; the contact is a natural way of gaining a daily dose of tranquillity.

Forest bathing

Also known as shinrin yoku, this Japanese practise of relaxation helps to ground us. Take deep breaths through your nose and tread slowly, whilst observing the quiet in an open field or forest, ensuring you turn off your phone and make time to take in your surroundings.

Lunch outdoors

Whether you feel you need a change of scenery or just some time away from your screen, eating outdoors is a great sensory way of taking in nature. Give yourself time to focus on the details, such as the sky, grass, flowers and even insects; absorbing each of the scents, colours and the feeling they give to you.

Plant something

Indoors or outside, nurturing something living brings us joy and helps boost our mood; try planting herbs, cress or lettuce and use them in your meals whenever you can as a daily reminder of nature.

Whilst we’re definitely ready to resume some of the things missed in lockdown, we’re also going to be holding on to some of our learnings in the hope of living a more balanced life going forward.

Dora Larsen | Earth Day

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