CONVERSATIONS IN COLOUR: Conversations in Colour: Tekla Severin
Conversations in Colour: Tekla Severin

Conversations in Colour: Tekla Severin

In our series, Conversations In Colour, we talk to people who, like us, are inspired by and obsessed with colour. This month we catch up with Tekla Severin, interior designer and photographer, who like us is a big fan of colour. 


What is your earliest memory of colour?

“That was probably my pink wall-to-wall carpet, and the devastation when it was removed due to bubble-gum stains. I missed that pink floor so much, maybe that’s why I've recreated one pink wall-to-wall carpet in my current living room?”

What colours are you particularly attracted to and why?

“I used to say that I don't dismiss any colour. Colour is never absolute, always relative, it’s what you put next to it that defines it. It’s all about combinations. My signature way of working with colours is tone-on-tone, camouflage, harmonic and soft. However, I also like to work high contrast, colour-blocking, or my favourite, combining something flirty with something dirty – taking bold, clear pastels and pairing with dusty and earthy tones. It makes a good balance. That’s my own way of working but there are many great ways. l would recommend everyone study colour theory to learn the different ways, to then find your own way.”

When did you start working as a colourist and art director and have you always wanted to work in the field of interiors, art and design?

“I would say around 2015, but unconsciously. I studied interior architecture and furnishing design and worked for many years as an interior architect at a specialist firm, and that was what drew me to colour. The lack of it in Scandinavian style and the conformity of it. I had to explore something more energetic and started to experiment with colours and materials. My first commission was content for a colourful shoe company; they paid in shoes. From then I took baby steps from my employment at the architect office, diving into working in a multidisciplinary way with colour, photography and various collaborations.”

Tell us about your work, your process and who or what inspires you most? 

“I do interior design, colour-designs and collaborations for furnishings, hardware, apparel, accessories and much more. I do some architectural photography too, but not as much these days. I work on content collaborations, jury work, art directions and styling. My process is always to start with a very intuitive interpretation and colour analysis, then I work out everything in detail. I even plan exactly where the styling should be placed before going ahead with a bigger shoot, Everything and anything inspires me, not at least light, every day, always.”

Does your love of colour translate into other parts of your life?  

“Most definitely. Colour is light, light is energy and energy is life; who doesn't want to incorporate that into their life? For clothing in my photography, I see myself more as a scale figure explaining or emphasizing the space, rather than a portrait, so I make sure to always sync.”

Where can we see your work?

“Everywhere. An overview on my Instagram and website, as posters, products, and apparel and also interiors over at”

What’s coming up next for you? 

“Three big colour collaborations that will be purchasable, then a big interior design collaboration launching during Milan Design Week, too.” 

Tekla wears the Seren Cotton Short Pyjama Set in a UK 8.

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Conversations in Colour: Tekla Severin