CONVERSATIONS IN COLOUR: Conversations in Colour: Kristi Edwards
Conversations in Colour: Kristi Edwards

Conversations in Colour: Kristi Edwards

In our series, Conversations In Colour, we talk to people who, like us, are inspired by and obsessed with colour. This month we catch up with Kristi Edwards, founder and designer of luxury sleep and resort wear brand, Hesper Fox. We discuss her early life in Australia, vivid childhood memories and making the change from the corporate world into fashion…  


What is your earliest memory of colour? 

“I grew up by the beach in Australia, where winter really isn’t a thing so my colour memories feel almost bleached by the sun - like an old polaroid. I have a really strong memory of a faded mango-coloured cotton seersucker sundress I had as a tiny kid - it was the perfect shade of summer and I’ve spent decades trying to find it again!”

What colours are you particularly attracted to and why? 

I still love summer hues - the pinks and reds of sunsets, and sorbet colours that remind me of hot days and burnt shoulders in summer dresses. I’m also drawn to more retro combinations  - we did a beautiful wave/stripe last season in softer greens and pinks that made me think of my Grandmother’s sitting room. Basically, I’m a nostalgia freak.”  

When did you start your brand, Hesper Fox, and have you always wanted to be a designer? 

“I started my professional life as a lawyer so when I launched Hesper Fox in 2016, let’s say the learning curve was steep. To be honest, I had never had a burning desire to be designer but I knew I wanted to do something more creative with my life. I spent a long time living la vida very corporate and I didn’t know quite how uncomfortable existing within more strict professional boundaries (where colour was virtually absent) made me until I stopped it!” 

Tell us about your styles, your process and who or what inspires you most? 

“Obviously our PJ styles are, by their nature very classic shapes so we rely on colour and print to elevate them. I can have more fun with our resort wear shapes, where it’s usually all about the great day dress - I like to create shapes that I would wear myself.  I keep a note book with me always and I write or doodle often - ’saving’ thoughts and ideas for a next collection. It’s full of mini sketches, fabric swatches and notes. There is always a central inspiration for me - a painting, an old photo, a City I’ve visited and from there, I research, mood board, read, photograph and distill into something tighter or thematic. It’s never the inspiration I find challenging because if you look and read and observe, it really is everywhere. For me, it’s the narrowing that is sometimes the hardest part!”

Does your love of colour translate into other parts of your life?  

“This is a weird one - for someone who LOVES colour as much as I do, I live in denim, white shirts and, shamefully in winter, a lot of black and navy. My home is a different though and full of colour - even in winter!”

Where can we buy your pieces? 

“Online at

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m working on another collaboration - stay tuned for more colour and print.” 

Kristi wears the Karla Lace Soft Cup Bodysuit and the Cydney Lace Trim Underwire Bodysuit.

Shop Hesperfox here.

Conversations in Colour: Kristi Edwards