Sustainability: Our Pact with the Planet

Since the onset of the virus in 2020, we began to accelerate our sustainability initiatives. To us, the pandemic highlighted the connectivity, and fragility, of everything in nature.


As a business built on the model of consumption, we don’t believe we can justifiably call ourselves ‘sustainable’. But, we want to dedicate time and resources to implementing as much change in our business as possible, in an on-going mission to manufacture our product in the most responsible way. In addition to this, giving back to charities and organisations who promote positive change has been a strategy over the past 12 months. To further cement our commitment here, we are excited and proud to announce that we are now members of 1% for the Planet.

 Who are 1% for the Planet?

 In a nutshell, they are a global set of businesses and individuals who are committed to making our planet a better place. Partnering with them means that we donate 1% of our annual revenue to not for profit organisations that address the worlds environmental issues. They work as a collective which means they can be a more powerful source in helping with the different issues faced as a result of climate change; on land, water, issues caused by pollution and protecting wildlife too. Our commitment to them means that no matter how we perform as a business, profit or loss, we are always giving back. 

Dora Larsen | Sustaimability

 Why are we getting involved?

As a fashion brand, we know we are part of the problem. We use the planets resources, so it’s only fair to protect them, too. 1% for the Planet connects us to impactful non-profit partners that align with our brand and mission. We have chosen to use our platform to raise awareness on the topic of sustainability, the environment and the climate crisis because we want our customers to make informed fashion choices. We respect nature and we want to take care of the wellbeing of our planet. Our biggest learning from 2020, is that together we are capable of solidarity and change. “We all have this massive impact, often without even realising it. The lockdowns over the pandemic proved that, when everyone acts at the same time, suddenly overnight, there can be huge change.” says our co-founder and designer, Georgia Larsen.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, we’ll focus on selecting the organisations that we want to collaborate with and carry on sharing our journey with you. In addition to this, we’ll continue our work internally from a sustainability standpoint. From gaining even more transparency in our supply chain to introducing more recycled and organic fabrics to our collections. We are committed to seeing change and being more accountable for our actions, and this is one way of us showing our support.

Dora Larsen | Sustainability

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Read more about 1% for the Planet here.


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:Sustainability: Our Pact with the Planet

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