AW21: Spotlight on our Sleepwear Collection
AW21: Spotlight on our Sleepwear Collection
News-Spotlight on our Nightwear Collection - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie

Spotlight on our Sleepwear Collection

This week, we launched our first Sleepwear Collection. We caught up with our Founder, Georgia, to talk about the inspiration behind it, and how she’ll be styling the pieces this Summer.


Sleepwear has landed at Dora Larsen, what made you decide to launch this collection and has it been a long time in the making?

“I started researching and developing the designs a year and a half ago, so yes, I’m beyond excited to launch as it’s been a work in progress for some time now! I’m passionate about the art of colour, so it only felt natural to develop the signature Dora Larsen aesthetic beyond just lingerie. I’ve also always considered Dora Larsen to be more of a fashion brand, than a lingerie brand, so it made sense to me to produce sleepwear styles that you could wear out and about, as well as indoors.”

It’s so nice to be able to buy the pieces as separates. What inspired the shapes for the collection?

“I decided on separates as I didn’t want to limit our customers to only being able to wear the range as ‘sleepwear’. The ruffle trousers and shorts also look great with a plain top, as do the tops with jeans or tailored trousers. As for the ‘slip’ – I added this into the collection purely for selfish reasons, really! I’m obsessed with wearing midi length dresses, and the thought of developing a Dora Larsen dress/slip, in amazing colour combinations, was too exciting to resist…!”

Dora Larsen | Nightwear

It’s made from organic cotton and linen. Why did you decide to go for this fabric combination when you designed the range and are these pieces in line with the rest of your mission to create more responsibly?

“It was really important to me that the fabric felt super comfortable, so we went for a linen mixed with a percentage of organic cotton, as this really helps with the softness. I love linen as it feels super premium and gives an amazing structure to modern shapes. Organic cotton and linen also use significantly less water, CO2 and chemicals than most fabrics, too.”

Do you have a favourite piece or set, and how will you be styling it?

“I’ll definitely be wearing the Emelie slip out and about, with lace up sandals and a little black cardigan for when it gets colder in the evening. I’m also excited about wearing the Alexa trousers round the house, probably paired either with the Alexa crop, or a plain white jersey cami.”

Dora Larsen | Nightwear

Discover the collection here.

News-Nightwear has landed - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie
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News-Spotlight on our Nightwear Collection - Dora Larsen | Colourful Lingerie
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