SS23: Styled by Gemma Deeks
SS23: Styled by Gemma Deeks
Styled by Gemma Deeks

Styled by Gemma Deeks

This Valentine’s Day we spoke to editor, stylist and writer, Gemma Deeks on how she’s working Dora Larsen into her looks… 


Tell us how you got into the world of fashion, and what has inspired your style over the years?

"I was originally meant to be a ballerina, but decided to give it all up to pursue a career in fashion. I had the opportunity to move to Dubai at 21, and started as an intern at Grazia Middle East, before eventually becoming the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. My style has evolved hugely over the years, especially moving from Dubai to London – they are two totally different worlds. But there are so many incredibly stylish women I have had the chance to meet and follow all over the world that inspire me. The Kate Moss 90s era sings to my heart though." 

You strike the perfect balance between chic and comfortable. What are the wardrobes hero’s you couldn’t live without? 

"Being comfortable is my number #1 style rule, if I buy something and don’t love the fabric or fit, it will sit in my wardrobe unworn. I like to look relaxed yet polished, so I have a lot of denim and key outerwear that pulls a look a look together. In the winter I’ll always reach for a well cut pair of jeans, a cashmere sweater and a pair of chunky boots. It’s a failsafe combo."

Talk us through how you have styled our Valentine’s looks and why you chose to pair these pieces together. 

"I wanted the Valentine’s collection to do the talking, so I stayed true to my minimalist style and paired with neutrals or simple pieces that compliment but don’t over power. The Kitri fuchsia pink slip skirt is probably the brightest thing I own, but a classic silk midi skirt will work hard in your wardrobe and can be easily dressed up or down. My black leather Nanushka trousers are one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe - they come out time and time again. I’ve paired with pointed Saint Laurent pumps and will throw over a white shirt that gives just a peak of the bra for an edge."

As a stylist, what do you say to people looking to reach outside their comfort zone?

"I’ve learnt that certain trends aren’t for everyone, and if you try something and don’t feel comfortable, that’s ok. Fashion should make you feel good. But if you are stuck in a style rut and your current wardrobe isn’t turning you on, create a Pinterest board and fill it with inspiration that you can turn to when getting dressed in the morning. You’ll start to see new ways to style pieces together that will naturally push your boundaries."

Your go-to looks are usually more neutral from a colour perspective, what do you wear to lift your mood? 

"Wearing an outfit I feel confident and comfortable is my best mood booster. There’s times I’ve tried on very bold outfits and think “wow this is awesome”, but I know I would feel self conscious as soon as I stepped out of the door. You’ll find me in sneakers or boots 90% of the time, so adding a pair of heels to a look gives me poise and self assurance."

Gemma wears all pieces in a 32C and UK8. Shop her edit here.

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Styled by Gemma Deeks