Effie Graphic Lace High Waist Knicker

High Waisted Knickers

Cool and comfortable? We bring you both. At Dora Larsen, our colourful high waisted knickers have been designed with comfort in mind, whilst looking good, of course. Crafted in sustainably sourced materials, each piece features an organic cotton gusset for breathability. Match your lingerie to your mood with our unique colour combinations and fits. Choose from the sheer tulle knicker or the organic cotton high waisted knicker for full coverage. She sits just below your belly button for an 80s inspired mid-rise fit, perfect for on-the-move comfort. If lace lingerie is more your thing, then browse our high waisted lace knickers. They have been designed with a flattering high waist, nipping in at the smallest part of your waist for a 50s hourglass look.

Classic, timeless and designed to suit any shape, our high waisted knickers can be worn with its matching bra or mixed with your choice from Dora’s Larsen collection of colourful bras. Browse the high waisted knicker collection here.