AT HOME WITH: At Home with Georgie Hyatt
AT HOME WITH: At Home with Georgie Hyatt
At Home with Georgie Hyatt

At Home with Georgie Hyatt

This week we talk confidence, sustainable fashion, and buying mindfully with Rotaro co-Founder, Georgie Hyatt…


Tell us about you and how you got into the world of sustainable fashion?

“I’m South African and I grew up in Durban, an exceptionally chilled sub-tropical seaside city, swimming in the sea, climbing mountains and very in touch with nature. My mum introduced me to fashion at a young age, always dressing me up as a child and inspiring me as I grew older to express myself through fashion. In a place like Durban, where denim shorts and slip slops are the status quo, fashion was always a way for me to express my individualism and stand apart from the crowd. Being the same as everyone else was my worst nightmare!

I moved to London 7 years ago and began my career in trend forecasting and consumer insight at WGSN. I worked my way up from intern to my absolute dream job, being in the Mindset consulting team, where we worked with luxury and fast fashion brands, helping them develop new products, implement trends and move into new markets. It was when I was working with the fast fashion brands that I increasingly felt this sense of eco-anxiety, and I really wanted to work towards curbing over production and over consumption. I saw a gap in the rental market for a rental platform to work directly with brands and help them enter the circular fashion economy and take accountability for the full lifecycle of their garments through rental, resale and recycling. And voila- here is Rotaro!” 

What a journey – you’ve come full circle. How do you see the rental market changing, and what is your aim for Rotaro?

“What we are creating with Rotaro is the go-to fashion rental platform for contemporary and luxury fashion brands. We are a fashion-partner to help brands reach their circular economy customer. The rental market is changing quickly as many brands begin doing rental themselves. We have adapted to service this need and we now power brands’ own rental journey with our white label services.”

How do you select the brands you choose for the platform?

“We work with cult brands that have passionate followings of their own.  We choose brands that have sustainable initiatives and who are looking to disrupt the fashion system with us.” 

Sounds like you’re pretty busy. What makes you feel good or boosts your confidence when you need it most?

"My confidence comes from within, and so I need to ensure I take care of within through enough sleep, exercise and trying to eat enough healthy food. Which can be tricky when you’re working late! My mental health and confidence are one and the same and so I’m really consciously making time to focus more on that this year."

We love your style and how you incorporate colour into your looks. Have the last few years changed your approach to fashion, style and getting ready each day?

“Thank you! The way I think about fashion has totally transformed in the last few years since I started Rotaro. I am now more mindful about things I actually purchase, I buy less, I buy pre-loved and vintage and I use rental to supplement my wardrobe. I no longer make impulsive fashion choices, which I was doing regularly previously, going into high street stores multiple times a week! Now I buy something new only every couple of months and really cherish everything I own.” 

Can you share anything you have coming up this year?

“Rotaro has lots of exciting plans. We are launching an app in summer and continuing to work exclusively with really exciting fashion brands championing circular fashion.”

Georgie wears the Gracie Clean Tulle Bralette with the matching High Waist Knicker and the Heidi Lace Trim Underwire Bodysuit

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